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We would like young men and boys having any questions on gender / and sexuality, want any support to personalized problem they are facing, share any matter that worries them, they can freely write to us. Through a team of professionals, we will respond to any such queries / problems.

Questions Answered

  • I am a 18 year old boy from Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Whenever I had sexual feelings, I have been masturbating for the past many months. I learnt some days ago that Masturbation is not good for health and it leads to weakness. After hearing that, I am more worried and feeling guilty. Don’t know what to do. – Ramesh

    Ramesh, sexual arousal among growing-up boys is a natural phenomenon due to the testosterone hormones in body. The semen stored in the body need to be ejaculated. Through manual stimulation of the penis whenever aroused, a man can get satisfaction and he can ejaculate. That through self-stimulation or masturbation one’s penis size decreases or penis gets curved or man’s sexual power is reduced – these are all misconceptions and all untrue. The truth is that whenever you are sexually excited and stressed, if you resort to masturbation, your stress would actually reduce and you would get a sense of relief. Masturbation is a normal, healthy thing and it has no disadvantages. Only point you should note that masturbation should be not mechanically, just for the sake of doing it repeateadly - one after another activity. If you resort to that, you are bound to be feeling physically weak.

  • I am 22 years old. My close friend introduced me to porn film sites recently. Ever since then, I have almost been addicted to watching porn. Is watching porn films harmful? – Sumeet, Mumbai

    The information provided through pornographic films is mostly incorrect and unscientific. Images are superimposed using technology; through porn, misconceptions are promoted like sexual act is of a longer duration, that only men have the right to pleasure and the role of women is mainly to satisfy men. Often Violence in Sexual Relationships is portrayed through such films.

    Watching porn in privacy should be a matter of choice to any individual. When one has informed choices regarding sexuality through scientific information available today (through books and other sources), one can understand how porn information is often exaggerated and unscientific. Informed choices can contribute to understanding that mutual pleasure is key to healthy relationships, pleasure cannot be through forced sexual activity.

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